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Sports Conditioning & BOSU

In recent years, the BOSU ball has become increasingly popular as a sports conditioning device. A wide range of sports including baseball, football, golf, martial arts, skiing and soccer have started to incorporate the BOSU ball into their training drills.

In this article, I am going to be providing an introduction to sports conditioning with the BOSU ball and discussing my top five BOSU sports conditioning drills. If this is your first time using a BOSU ball or your first time performing these BOSU sports conditioning drills, you should use the BOSU ball dome side up. Once you get used to balancing and performing the drills on the dome side, you can try flipping the BOSU ball so that it’s platform side up.

1) BOSU Baseball Drill

 Whether you are batting, catching, fielding or pitching, balance is extremely important when playing baseball. Poor balance can lead to you dropping the ball, swinging wildly or making a bad pitch. Good balance can help you hit a home run or throw the perfect pitch. This BOSU baseball drill focuses on batting but can lead to improvements in overall balance and boost all areas of your baseball game.

To perform the drill, stand on the BOSU ball and hold a baseball bat. Then simply swing the bat as you normally would whilst also keeping your balance. This might sound simple but it’s surprisingly difficult. Do it a few times each week and you’ll quickly notice improvements in your baseball swing.

 >>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of The BOSU Baseball Drill <<<


2) BOSU Football Drill

 Balance is an essential skill in football. Good balance can be the difference between making a touchdown or dropping the ball and falling over before you get anywhere near the touchline. Ankle strength is essential too. Weak ankles can lead to regular injuries whilst strong ankles can give you the power you need to make those surging runs and change direction quickly. This BOSU football drill helps improve your balance and strengthen your ankles at the same time.

To perform the drill, place the BOSU ball to your right and stand on it with your right foot. Then quickly change feet so that your left foot is on the BOSU ball and your right foot is on the ground. Keep shuffling across the BOSU ball from left to right and right to left as fast as you can. Before you know it you’ll be shuffling past all your opponents as you make that surging run and game winning touchdown.

 >>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of The BOSU Football Drill <<<


3) BOSU Golf Drill

 If you want to perfect your golf swing, balance is essential. Good balance helps you maintain full control as you swing the club and strike the ball just right whilst poor balance can lead to you over swinging or slicing the ball. This BOSU golf drill is very similar to the BOSU baseball drill listed above and focuses on your golf swing.

To perform the drill, simply stand on the BOSU ball and swing your golf club like you normally would, whilst maintaining your balance. Practice regularly and you’ll have the perfect golf swing in no time at all.

 >>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of The BOSU Golf Drill <<<


4) BOSU Soccer Drill

 Balance is a key soccer skill. Controlling balls in the air and shooting with your first touch all require amazing balance. This BOSU soccer drill will help you become a master of balance in no time at all.

To perform the drill, stand on the BOSU ball and get someone to throw a soccer ball towards your feet. Kick the soccer ball back to the other person whilst balancing on one leg and repeat. When performing the drill, make sure you alternate your legs so that your balance develops equally. If you can do this drill successfully, you should have no problems controlling the soccer ball on the pitch.

 >>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of The BOSU Soccer Drill <<<


5) BOSU Skiing Drill

 Skiing is all about balance and ankle strength. Whether you are skiing in a straight line or performing ski slaloms, you need super strong angles and very good balance. This BOSU skiing drill helps you build up both of these areas and makes navigating the slopes that little bit easier.

To perform the drill, stand on the BOSU ball with your feet pointed towards one corner. Jump, twist and point your feet towards the other corner and then repeat this process continuously. Practice this drill a few times each week and you’ll be king of the slopes in no time.

 >>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of The BOSU Skiing Drill <<<



Balance, core strength and stability are key attributes that are important in any sport. By using a BOSU ball as a sports conditioning tool, you can improve in all these areas and become a champion in your chosen sport. These five drills are just a sample and there are plenty more BOSU sports drills out there. So what are you waiting for? Grab a BOSU ball and start incorporating it into your sports training sessions today.

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