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If losing weight is your goal, an Cliffside Park nutrition program designed by a personal trainer may be one of your best options to take off the pounds and keep them from returning. Unlike dieting, which is restrictive, often leaving your feel deprived. Personal trainers show you how to make wiser food choices that not only provide more nutritional benefits, but also cuts calories to help you shed pounds. Unlike diets that end and your regain all the pounds you shed, since you’re learning to make permanent changes in the way you eat, you won’t regain the weight.

You won’t have to eat special food or buy food from the trainer.

Some weight loss facilities sell food made by their company, leaving you tied to buying meals from them. Personal trainers show you how to eat lower calorie, more nutritious meals from everyday food you find in groceries and in restaurants. You’re never limited, even when you’re visiting other people. You won’t ever have to insult a host or hostess or ask them to create a special meal for you while you’re losing weight. Trainers help you make wiser food choices allowing you to eat almost anywhere.

Most people find they never feel hungry or deprived with the new way of eating.

Some of the changes may be minor, such as eating wild rice instead of processed white rice, saving a few calories. The trainer may suggest you avoid white bread or eat open faced sandwiches for calorie savings. You’ll often have to eat more frequently and have healthy snacks ready for mid morning and mid afternoon. That can help you avoid overeating, grabbing candy bars at the checkout counter or raiding the snack machine at work for high calorie snacks. You’ll never feel hungry. Sometimes you can even eat your favorite high calories food, but in moderation.

The personal trainer will combine dietary changes with a program of exercise.

In order to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than you burn. While making dietary changes can lower your caloric intake, adding exercise to the mix burns more calories. A program of regular exercise does so much more for weight loss. For instance, regular exercise builds muscle tissue and the more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn.

Regular exercise boosts energy levels, so you’ll be more active and burn even more calories.

When you exercise on a regular basis, you’ll not only lose weight, you’ll lose inches that make you look even thinner and after all, isn’t that the goal of weight loss?

Stress can cause overeating and lead to serious illness, as well as the development of abdominal fat. Exercise is a stress buster and many people find that after they exercise, they no longer have the urge to snack on sugary foods.

Exercise can help you sleep better at night. When you’re tired, you tend to look toward foods with high amounts of sugar to give you a burst of energy.

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