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Starting a fitness regimen or a weight loss program can be intimidating when you do it on our own. That’s why many people find that a Bergen County personal trainer can be the best solution. Personal trainers not only help you with your exercise program, they also may be certified to provide nutritional information. Nutritional information isn’t a diet, but rather information that helps you make wiser decisions when it comes to what you eat. In fact, personal trainers don’t give you diet, unless it’s just to show you an example of a well balanced meal.

Personal trainers create a workout program designed specifically for you.

Before you start, the personal trainer first learns of any special needs and goals. He or she then identifies your fitness level, as well as any weak muscle groups. Only then does the trainer create a program specifically for you. The program will tax you, but will still be within your capability. The trainer will include all types of exercises, including those for flexibility, stamina, strength and balance. You’ll never over train one muscle group only to omit another and will work on your flexibility to increase your range of motion and avoid stress injuries

You’ll never have to guess whether you’re doing an exercise right or doing enough repetitions.

Trainers not only show you how to do each exercise, but also watch to insure you do it correctly. When you do an exercise incorrectly, it can be something as simple as exhaling at the wrong spot or turning your wrist in the wrong direction, which can cause injury or minimize the benefits of the exercise. The trainer also tracks your improvement and adjusts your workout to reflect your improved fitness level.

You’ll learn how to eat healthier, but never be on a diet.

Trainers show you how to make healthier decisions. They really just teach you which foods make more sense nutritionally, but don’t give you a strict diet. The trainer may suggest simple tricks such as eating an open faced sandwich and omitting a slice of bread to lower calories or using a fruit combination to top pancakes instead of syrup. Trainers also show you how to cook foods to lower calories. You’ll never feel deprived and most people find they eat more than before they started eating healthy.

Personal trainers can provide a great deal of motivation. Not only do they hold you accountable, they help you get through the rough spots when you feel like quitting.

You’ll never be bored when you work with a personal trainer. Trainers vary the exercise routine so you won’t be doing the same exercises time after time.

Personal trainers can provide workouts that burn calories faster, such as kettlebell workouts. Even if you wanted to start this type of workout on your own, you should have someone with training help you to avoid injury.

When you work with a personal trainer, you get not only personal attention, but someone who is just as concerned with your success as you are.

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