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Cardio & BOSU

At first glance, the BOSU ball doesn’t look like the best piece of equipment for a cardio workout. It’s bouncy, unstable and definitely not an ideal platform for performing rapid movements on. However, don’t let the BOSU ball’s appearance deceive you. With a little thought and creativity this innovative fitness device can be used to create some pretty solid cardio workouts and boost your balance at the same time.

In this article I help get you started by providing you with an intense 15 minute BOSU ball cardio workout that will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. All the cardio exercises are meant to be performed with the BOSU ball dome side up with the exception of BOSU mountain climbers which should be performed platform side up. However, if you are an advanced BOSU ball user you can try some or all of the exercises with the platform side up.

1) BOSU Step Ups (4 Minutes)

 Step ups are a great way to get your blood flowing and start off a cardio workout. To perform step ups, simply step on the BOSU ball and step off again. Start off slowly and then gradually increase the speed until you are stepping on and off as fast as you can. Once you are at maximum speed start changing the leg you put forward first to keep your body guessing and start stepping around the BOSU ball. The video below demonstrates BOSU step ups perfectly:

 >>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of BOSU Step Ups <<<


2) BOSU Burpees (1 Minute)

 After four minutes of BOSU step ups, stop, drop and perform one minute of BOSU burpees. Burpees get your legs, arms and core moving and add to the intensity of the workout. To perform BOSU burpees, stand in front of the BOSU ball, hop on, hop off, drop into a squat position, place your hands on the BOSU ball, kick out your legs so that you are in a push up position, pull them back in and then return to your starting position. The video below outlines how to perform BOSU step ups:

>>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of BOSU Burpees <<<

 3) BOSU Jogging (4 Minutes)

After a minute of BOSU burpees you will be feeling the burn. Next up is BOSU jogging. To perform BOSU jogging, stand on the BOSU ball with both feet, start off by walking slowly and then speed it up until you are jogging. Once you are jogging comfortably, try mixing it up with fast jogs and slow jogs. The video below explains how to jog on the BOSU ball:

>>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of BOSU Jogging <<<

4) BOSU Shuffles (1 Minute)

Once you have jogged for four minutes, it’s time for a minute of intense BOSU shuffles. To perform BOSU shuffles, place one foot on the ground and one foot on the BOSU ball. Touch the foot on the BOSU ball with your opposite hand (so if you have your right foot on the BOSU ball you will touch it with your left hand), then hop across the ball, switch feet and repeat. The video below provides a visual demonstration of BOSU shuffles:

>>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of BOSU Shuffles <<<

5) BOSU Jumping Jacks (4 Minutes)

After completing the BOSU shuffles, you are now into the final five minutes of this workout. Next up is BOSU jumping jacks. To perform BOSU jumping jacks, stand on the BOSU ball with both feet and then start doing jumping jacks. Do them slowly at first then gradually increase the speed and intensity. Once you get comfortable, try jumping from one leg to the other. The video below outlines how to perform BOSU jumping jacks perfectly:

>>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of The BOSU Jumping Jacks <<<

6) BOSU Mountain Climbers (1 Minute)

Once you have done four minutes of BOSU jumping jacks, it’s time for the final minute and final exercise – BOSU mountain climbers. To perform BOSU mountain climbers, place your hands on the BOSU ball and drop into a push up position. Then bend one knee towards your chest, return it to its original position and then repeat in a running like motion. The video below shows you how to perform BOSU mountain climbers:

>>> Watch A Video Demonstration Of BOSU Mountain Climbers <<<      bosu-balls-300x200



BOSU ball cardio workouts are a fantastic way to mix up your cardio routine and keep it interesting. So next time you are at the gym, skip the cycling machines and treadmill, grab a BOSU ball and get ready to sweat it out with the workout above. Once you get used to this 15 minute BOSU ball cardio workout, you can increase the intensity by adding more exercises or performing the existing exercises for longer. Good luck.

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