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The Disadvantages Of Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training is a highly beneficial type of exercise that can boost your cardiovascular fitness, help you lose weight, strengthen your muscles and much more. However, despite its many plus points, kettlebell training does still have its drawbacks. This article highlights four of the main disadvantages of kettlebell training.

  1. Expense

If you’re on a budget, kettlebells may not be the best fitness tool. Unlike barbells and dumbbells which can easily be adjusted, kettlebells are non-adjustable. This means if you’re training at home, you’ll have to invest in a new kettlebell every time your strength improves. With the heavier kettlebells retailing at $100+, this can quickly become very expensive.

Even if you’re a member of a gym with its own set of kettlebells, getting started will still cost you money. Kettlebells are a specialist fitness tool, so investing in some sessions with a qualified kettlebell instructor is a must. Since kettlebell instructors hold very specific qualifications, they charge a higher price per hour than regular personal trainers.

  1. High Injury Risk

Performing kettlebell exercises incorrectly is much more dangerous than running with poor form or even lifting barbells or dumbbells incorrectly. The kettlebell is constantly in motion around your body and training with poor form places a great amount of pressure on your back and your joints and makes serious injuries very likely. While exercising with the proper form does alleviate a lot of the risk associated with kettlebells, the relatively high injury risk is still a negative when compared with other forms of exercise.

  1. Not Suitable For Beginners

As mentioned above, kettlebells are a specialist piece of fitness equipment and because of this, they’re not suitable for beginners. So if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey and considering the potential exercise options that are available to you, ketlebell training isn’t something that should be on your list.

  1. Steep Learning Curve

One final disadvantage of kettlebells compared with other fitness options is the steep learning curve. Mastering the proper form with kettlebells does take time and if the learning process doesn’t interest you, kettlebells may be something you want to avoid.


 While kettlebell training does have its disadvantages, many of these can be avoided by putting some time in to learn the proper form and technique. Once you’ve become proficient at exercising with kettlebells, you’ll find that it’s a fun, enjoyable form of fitness training with many benefits and very few drawbacks.

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The Disadvantages Of Kettlebell Training

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